Fiches Belges
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Disclaimer: These Fiches contain information provided by the Member States in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 para. 1 c) of the Council Decision 2008/976/JHA on the European Judicial Network. This information has indicative value only and it does not have binding legal value in the context of judicial proceedings
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1.Tracing and interception of (tele) communications
 Interception, recording and transcription of telecommunications (101)
 Tracing of telecommunications (102)
 Interception and recording of other forms of communication (103)
 Interception of mail (104)
 Observation (105)
 Interception of telecommunication - Art. 18 (2) (b) of the MLA Convention (106)
 Interception of telecommunication without the technical assistance of another Member State (107)
2.Agents et informers - Infiltration
 Infiltration by undercover agents of the requested State (201)
 Infiltration by agents of the requesting State in the territory of the requested State (202)
 Infiltration by an informer of the requested State (203)
 Handling of informers (204)
3.Examination, body search and expert evaluation
 Superficial body search (301)
 Invasive body search (302)
 Psychiatric medical examination (303)
 Control of identity, measures for judicial identification (304)
 Technical or scientific examinations or expert evaluations (305)
4.Documents - Obtaining
 Spontaneous exchange of information (401)
 Order to produce documents (402)
 Other possibilities of obtaining information concerning taxes or bank accounts (403)
 Access to public documents in judicial files (404)
 Communication of individual police records/criminal records (405)
 Sending and service of procedural documents (406)
5.Assets - Sequestration, confiscation and restitution
 Sequestration of assets (501)
 Freezing of bank accounts (502)
 Restitution (503)
 Interim measures in view of confiscation (504)
 Confiscation (505)
6.Places - Visit and search
 Visit to and search of homes (601)
 Visit and search on the site of an offence (602)
7.Witnesses, victims, suspects - Summoning and hearing
 Summoning witnesses (701)
 Hearing witnesses: standard procedure (702)
 Hearing witnesses: by video conference (703)
 Hearing witnesses: by telephone (704)
 Hearing children (705)
 Hearing persons collaborating with the inquiry (706)
 Hearing victims/plaintiffs (707)
 Hearing experts (708)
 Summoning suspects/persons accused (709)
 Hearing suspects/persons accused: standard procedure (710)
 Hearing suspects/persons accused: by video conference (711)
 Hearing suspects/persons accused: by telephone (712)
 Confrontation (713)
8.Cross-border operations
 Cross-border observation (801)
 Cross-border hot pursuit (802)
 Cross-border tracking (by placing a beeper on a vehicle or a person) (803)
 Controlled deliveries (804)
 Joint investigation teams (805)
9.Measures specific to Mutual Recognition Instruments
 European Arrest Warrant (901)
 Enforcement of a Financial Penalty (902)
 Enforcement of a Custodial Sentence (903)
 Probation measures (904)
 Execution of a Supervision Measure (905)
 European Protection Order (906)
10.Transfer of proceedings
 Transfer of proceedings (1001)
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