Call for Applications for Financial Assistance regarding the organisation of EJN Regional and EJN National Meetings 2021


Dear EJN Contact Points,

In line with the procedure described in the call for proposals for funding for the organisation of Meetings of the Contact Points in the Member States - Regional and National meetings - 2021, the Evaluation Committee has assessed the proposals that were received within the deadline for applications, as published on the EJN website.

The EJN Secretariat would like to inform that the Authorising Officer, as per recommendation of the Evaluation Committee, has decided to award a maximum of 5.000 EUR per meeting and up to 95% of the eligible costs for the organization of the following meetings:





Dear EJN Contact Points,

Please find below the call for proposals for financial assistance for the organisation of EJN Meeting in the Member States - Regional and National meetings 2021.

The period for the meetings is between 25 June and 5 December 2021, therefore applications for financial assistance of the meeting taking place before and after this period will not be taken into consideration.

For 2021, the EJN Secretariat has made arrangements to provide you with the possibility to organise your meeting until the beginning of December. This is to respond to potential postponements due to COVID-19. However, we would advise if you could plan the meetings up to November, and go further to the last part of November until 5 December only if no other possibilities are there. We would like to point out that if meetings take place late in the year, there might be potential delays in reimbursement and possible end of the year budgetary requirements from your Member State.

Should you be interested in applying, please read carefully the enclosed documents with the instructions and make sure to provide all the requested information.

Please note that at least three weeks before the commencement of the action all successful applicants have to submit by E-mail to the EJN Secretariat the Final Draft Budget Estimate with all the supporting documents and the Final Agenda of the Meeting (see: point 8 of Call for Proposals).

The deadline for applications is 03 May 2021.

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