Welcome to the website of the European Judicial Network (EJN)

Welcome to the website of the European Judicial Network in Criminal matters (EJN), a website dedicated to actors in the field of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters. The EJN is a network of contact points for the facilitation of the cooperation and for the establishment of direct contacts between the judicial authorities in the EU Member States. The EJN website offers the appropriate e-tools required for the functioning of the network and for the facilitation of the cooperation. The website also contains other practical information, including on the cooperation with EU candidate and associated countries and other third countries and judicial networks. EJN Contact Points, prosecutors, judges and other legal professionals will find valuable information and tools on this site.

The Judicial Atlas of the European Judicial Network helps you find the competent authority you need to contact to request judicial cooperation in criminal matters, depending on the type of cooperation (‘measure’) required.

The Fiches Belges is a tool that provides practical information on specific sets of measures that are covered by judicial cooperation in criminal matters. 

The Fiches Belges helps you to:

- check whether a measure is applicable in a certain country;

- check which language you must use in your request for cooperation;

- generally see which information you must include in your request;

- compare measures between 2 countries.

The Compendium is a tool for drafting requests for judicial cooperation, such as:

- European Investigation Order;

- European Arrest Warrant.

It assists practitioners

- to fill in the request form, ensuring you enter all the required information;

- to import the address etc. of the executing competent authority;

- to add the logo and official address from your organisation/authority.

The forms are available in all EU languages.

The Judicial Library of the EJN in criminal matters is designed to provide legal practitioners with all available documents related to the EU legal instruments relevant for the area of judicial cooperation in criminal matters.
The Judicial Library also includes the Status of Implementation of the different applicable legal instruments for judicial cooperation in criminal matters. This section provides not only the state of play for the different Member States but also, where available, information on the date of entry into force, national legislation, links to the official notifications and additional information.

The EJN Registry contains documents specific to the EJN: minutes of meetings, presentations, EJN publications, etc.

The EJN Contact Points section of the website contains contact details of over 400 EJN Contact Points. Given the nature of the section, it is password protected. Access is normally provided to the judiciary in the Member States and can be gained either through the EJN Contact points in the respective Member State or via the EJN Secretariat.

Apart from its close relations with the EU candidate countries and EJN associated countries, the European Judicial Network has also established relations with other judicial networks and several non-EU countries across the world.
Through the section "Cooperation with third countries and judicial networks" on the EJN website, the EJN Contact Points have online access to the contact details of the members of these judicial networks and to contact points in the non-EU countries. Therefore the EJN Contact Points are able to assist national authorities also when there is a need for cooperation beyond the EU.

Additional sections

The EJN website contains many more sections that will be of interest for you. The site gives an overview of upcoming EJN meetings in the "Events" section, follows the latest developments in the "News" section, has several pages on the EJN itself, and much more. We invite you to browse and discover the website and hope you find the information you are looking for!