EJN Awareness Policy

The EJN Awareness Policy was adopted in 2017. It functions as a checklist and source of inspiration for various measures to be taken, either by the EJN Contact Points or the EJN Secretariat, in order to raise awareness of the EJN and its website.

EJN Corporate identity/ logo

The EJN corporate identity package, adopted in 2021, is available on the EJN website in the registry for the use of all Contact Points. The folder includes document templates and the logo of the EJN, can be found in the EJN registry here.

EJN leaflets

EJN Secretariat revised the EJN brochure in 2021. Two types of leaflets were designed, with general information and EJN website specific. The brochures have been translated in all EU official languages and in relevant non-EU languages (e.g. of candidate countries). They have been printed and are also available on the EJN website here.

EJN Presentation

Creating a bookmark to the EJN website

As part of the EJN Awareness Policy, the EJN created a short manual explaining how in the currently most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) bookmarks to the EJN website can be generated. Bookmarks ensure a quick and easy access to the EJN website and its e-tools. 

EJN and Eurojust - Joint Paper on their assistance to practitioners