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Official (constitutional) name of the country: Hellenic Republic

Organisation of the judicial system

Judicial systems in Member States - Greece (e-Justice website)

European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ). Profile of Greece 

Judicial cooperation

General description of the national system for international judicial cooperation in criminal matters

Text in original language, English and/or other available languages of the relevant national laws/provisions of the Criminal procedure codes  on judicial cooperation in criminal matters:

Link to the EJN website’ section on the status of implementation in Greece of the EU legal instruments on judicial cooperation in criminal matters

Link to the national Fiches belges

3.5. Links to the relevant sections of the Council of Europe and United Nations Treaties Offices websites containing information on the conventions to which Greece  is party

Council of Europe Treaty Office

United Nations Treaty Collection

Useful national links

Recent national developments on judicial cooperation in criminal matters

Other useful information

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