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The EJN Publishes the EJN Activity Report 2019-2020

Publication cover: EJN activity report 2019-2020

At the 56th EJN Plenary meeting the EJN adopted the Report on activities and management of the EJN in 2019-2020. The EJN is proud to present the accomplishments of the Network in the reporting period and the support provided by the EJN Contact Points to the national judicial authorities in approximately 14,000 cases. In addition, the EJN website continues to be the most elaborate online tool for judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the EU, supporting the work of the judicial practitioners, with more than 2.5 million visits per year.

As usual for the EJN biennial reports, the Report focuses on the operational work and cases of the EJN, the experience with the judicial cooperation instruments and projects, operational and institutional cooperation with the non-EU countries and judicial networks. Apart from that, it includes topics that have been special for the EJN in this period – such as Brexit, judicial cooperation during the COVID-19 crisis, e-evidence and victims’ rights.

Unlike previous editions, this Report has new features, for instance, case examples reported by the EJN Contact Points that illustrate the support of the EJN in the complicated cross-border investigations.

Paying due attention to the existing legal framework in general, the Report provides a thorough analysis of the work of the EJN with European Arrest Warrant and European Investigation Order since both these instruments have been in focus of the practitioners during 2019 and 2020.


EJN cases per country 2019-2020

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