The first of its kind meeting of the G7 Justice Ministers took place on 28 and 29 November in Berlin, during the German G7 presidency. The focus of the meeting was on the dramatic events in Ukraine and on investigations into the crimes against international law committed there. The participants discussed how to coordinate investigation of the international crimes more effectively.

The G7 Justice Ministers agreed on concrete measures to improve the coordination of investigations in a joint declaration, in which they also recognised the role of the European Judicial Network, together with the Genocide Network and Eurojust. The G7 Justice Ministers confirmed in the Berlin Declaration, their continued effort to support Ukrainian judicial authorities. The participants agreed also to increase the use of existing and proven mechanisms in accordance with their respective mandates. The Berlin Declaration states that the European Judicial Network (EJN), as a network of contact points facilitating cross-border judicial cooperation, will also be leveraged.

The aforementioned recognition proves the important role of the European Judicial Network.

Berlin Declaration: BMJ | G7 | Berlin Declaration