Renewed e-tools on the EJN website

On Thursday, 9 February 2023, the renewed e-tools – Atlas, Fiches Belges and Compendium – were launched on the EJN website. These tools are tailored to assist practitioners in drafting and sending requests for legal assistance. 

Atlas is a tool that allows the identification of the competent authority in the EU Member States and Norway for communicating a request depending on the required investigative/procedural measure.

Fiches Belges contains concise and practical information on the national regulation of investigative/procedural measures.

Compendium facilitates the drafting of a request directly in the EJN website, automatically completing those parts of the form that require the population of the details of the relevant competent authorities, and the extraction of the form for printing and sending.  

Maintaining the original functionality, the tools now have improved design and a more modern user-friendly interface. All of these tools are publicly available and do not require prior authorisation for use.

To make sure that these tools appear correctly in your browser, we advise you to reload the page by pressing Ctrl+F5 once you open the EJN website.