22nd Tool Correspondents' meeting of the European Judicial Network (EJN) on 30 March 2023

On 30 March 2023 the 22nd Tool Correspondents’ meeting of the European Judicial Network (EJN), under the Swedish Presidency, took place at Eurojust premises. The Tool Correspondents play a crucial role in updating the EJN website regarding the information applicable for their respective Member State.

The EJN Secretariat presented the new look of the redesigned Atlas, Fiches Belges and Compendium -the main e-tools of the EJN website- as well as the roadmap of the projects planned for implementation in 2023 and the related IT security and data protection requirements.

Also, the Tool Correspondents were given a state of play on the following ongoing developments:

the Reporting tool, aiming at providing the EJN Contact Points with a more user-friendly way of reporting on their activities; 

the improvement of the Contact Points tool;

the EJN Secure Connection (EJNSC);

the connection with the  e-Evidence Digital Exchange System (e-EDES);

the integration of the non-EU countries and judicial networks sections into the redesigned EJN website.

During a tour de table, the Tool Correspondents reported about the current updates of the website regarding their Member States, including updates of the Contact Points list, Atlas and Fiches Belges, and shared their opinion on developments that are needed to the EJN website. 

At the practical session, the participants had the opportunity to further update the EJN website with the assistance of the web-team and the EJN Secretariat.


The European Judicial Network (EJN) is a network of national contact points. The role of the network is to improve, facilitate and speed up international judicial cooperation in criminal matters and ensure the proper execution of mutual legal assistance and mutual recognition requests, as well as to assist in establishing direct contacts between competent judicial authorities.

The role of the EJN Tool Correspondents is to ensure that all information on the EJN website related to their Member State is provided and updated in accordance with the EJN Decision (Council Decision 2008/976/JHA, Article 4.5). Moreover, Article 6.2 of the EJN Decision stipulates that the Tool Correspondents shall meet on an ad hoc basis, at least once a year.