Last week, Mr De La Mata and Mr Dockry attended the first in-person South East Asia Justice Network (SEAJust) plenary meeting in Seoul, Republic of South Korea, with a view of further strengthening the relationship and cooperation with Eurojust and the EJN. They acted as key speakers in high-level panel discussions and shared their insights and views.

The meeting aimed at reinforcing regional and inter-regional cooperation in criminal matters and sharing expertise and good practices among practitioners in MLA to prevent and combat corruption and other serious forms of serious cross-border crime in the Southeast Asia region, and facilitated dialogue with partners outside Southeast Asia.

Mr De La Mata and Mr Dockry took the opportunity to have separate dedicated meetings with many of the country delegates of Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Viet Nam and Indonesia. They renewed their strong commitment to combat transnational crimes and efforts to deepen and extend judicial cooperation in criminal matters. They presented the possibilities for the assistance of Eurojust and EJN with regard to third countries as well as the system in place to channel this cooperation by means of the appointment of contact points, providing the appropriate information and encouraging them to make those appointment in their respective cases.