On 11 December 2023, the new version of the EJN website was launched. It includes the new section dedicated to the cooperation with partners and networks, My EJN profile information, updated Contact Points tool, as well as small updates in Atlas and Compendium to make these tools more user friendly. This deployment also includes the renewed EJN Reporting Tool.

Cooperation with partners, judicial networks and non-EU countries

This new section will allow users to see which network a country is a party to, and for the EJN Contact Points it will also give the possibility to access the information about the contact persons from the non-EU countries, judicial networks and partners cooperating with the EJN. The contact persons information is now being revised and updated by the EJN Secretariat in cooperation with the relevant networks and partners.

Contact Point tool

With the new development, the Contact Points tool is now aligned with the new design of the EJN website, keeping the same functionality.

My EJN profile information and my data visibility

Once the EJN Contact Point has activated the own EJN account it will be possible to fill in his/her own information such as e.g. the professional e-mail address, the functional mailbox to be used for judicial cooperation, upload his/her portrait photo etc.

Further to that, it will be possible to choose which of the information the given contact point would like to make visible to the other fellow EJN contact points.

Through this new functionality, each contact point will be in the position to take care of their own personal data and accuracy. 

Reporting tool

The redevelopment of the EJN Reporting tool has now been completed. The new tool will be launched in February 2024 and the EJN CPs will start using it for their reporting. The tool will be fully integrated in the EJN website and will no longer require a separate password. The tool also has a better interface and produces better quality statistics.

The EJN Secretariat is planning to organize online training sessions for the use of the new tool.