Study visit of Moldovian prosecutors

The EJN Secretariat had the opportunity to contribute to the study visit undertaken by Moldovan prosecutors to The Hague. Hosted at Eurojust premises on April 9th, this enlightening event brought together 18 dedicated participants eager to deepen their knowledge of international judicial processes and strengthen collaboration in combating transnational crime.

During the visit, our esteemed prosecutors had the privilege of receiving a comprehensive presentation from the Secretary to the European Judicial Network, Mr. Hugh Dockry, and Mr. Vasileios Sarigiannidis, Seconded National Expert. The presentation shed light on the functions and challenges of the Network, providing valuable insights into its pivotal role in facilitating judicial cooperation across Europe and around the globe. Through engaging discussions, the participants gained a deeper understanding of the Network's mission and its significance in addressing the complexities of cross-border crime and, moreover, first-hand exposure to the workings of model european and international institutions and networks.

It is to be hoped that this immersive experience enhances our cooperation with this Candidate Country, assists their knowledge of our legal environment and encourages them to bolster their efforts in the pursuit of justice in Moldova as a candidate EU country.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all those who supported and facilitated this enriching endeavour, including our counterparts at Eurojust and our honourable visitors.