Judicial system

On 22 July 2016, the Albanian Parliament approved constitutional amendments which set the basis for a substantial justice reform consisting of revision of core legislation and a reform of the judiciary. Following the constitutional amendments and package of laws on justice reform, the new structure to investigate criminal offences of corruption and organized crime and terrorism, is the Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime as well as the Special Investigative Unit, named National Bureau of Investigation, approved by Law no. 95/2016 “on the organization and functioning of institutions for the fight of corruption and organized crime”.

The organisation of the new judicial system in Albania (since 2016 in advance):

The justice reform has brought significant changes in the institutional transforming the Albanian judiciary. Existing institutions have been modified and have been established new institutions based on the constitutional amendments and the abovementioned specific organic laws.


Courts with general jurisdiction

- 13 First Instance Courts with general jurisdictionFirst instance courts with general jurisdiction are organized and functioning in judicial districts throughout the country. Courts with general jurisdiction of the first instance may have branches

- 1 Court of Appeal with general jurisdiction in TiranaThe Court of Appeal with general jurisdiction in Tirana judge second-instance complaints against first-instance court decisions.

- The Supreme Court - The Supreme Court is the highest judicial authority, which has initial jurisdiction and reviewers. The Supreme Court judges cases of general and special jurisdiction. The Supreme Court has the center in Tirana. The organization and functions of the Supreme Court are defined by special law based on the Constitution.

Special jurisdiction courts

Administrative Courts of First Instance (in Tirana and Lushnja)

Administrative Court of Appeal in Tirana;

Special Court of First Instance in Tirana against corruption and organized crime

Special Court of Appeal in Tirana against corruption and organized crime

The Supreme Court judges cases of special jurisdiction (corruption and organized crime)

Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania is not part of the ordinary judicial system. It has a special jurisdiction to review the constitutionality of laws and other normative acts. The Constitutional Court guarantees respect for the Constitution and makes the final interpretation of the Constitution.

Prosecution system

The Prosecution system in Albania is organized and functions attached to the judicial system. The Prosecution is an independent body, which shall ensure the coordination and control of its actions as well as respects the internal independence of prosecutors to investigate and prosecute, in accordance with the law.

The Prosecution Office organization consists of:

- The General Prosecutor’s Office,

- The Prosecution office attached to appeal courts of general jurisdiction in Tirana

- Prosecution offices attached to first instance courts of general jurisdiction.