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For the purpose of insuring the confiscation of pecuniary benefit resulting from criminal offences, the proponent is authorised to propose insurance before and after initiating criminal proceedings by order to the bank to withhold the payment of the monetary amount from the account for which a temporary measure has been imposed, to the opposing party or a third party, based on an order by the opposing party. Decisions by foreign bodies, by means of which temporary or similar measures have been imposed regardless of their name, related to the insurance of the confiscation of pecuniary benefit resulting from criminal offences, shall be recognised and enforced on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, in accordance with the international agreement. If no international agreement has been concluded with the respective country, the decision by a foreign body shall be recognised: - if it is not contradictory to the public order of the Republic of Croatia, - if it has not been made impossible for the opposing party, especially by failure of delivery, to participate in proceedings from which such a decision has arisen, - if reciprocity exists.

Legal Framework

International legal framework applicable for this measure in your Member State

Directive 2014/41/EU on EIOs (Arts. 3, 34); FD 2003/577/JHA on freezing orders (Arts. 2(d), 5(1)); FD 2006/783/JHA on confiscation orders;

Competent Authority

* receive the request/decision for judicial cooperation

County State Attorney's Offices

Accepted languages

Accepted languages for the request/decision

Croatian. English in the need of urgency.

Execution deadline

Deadlines for the execution of the request/decision (where applicable)


Concise legal practical information

Special requirements


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  • Assets - Freezing, Confiscation and Restitution (E.1 – E.4)
  • E.3 Restitution

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